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Fan Yimin had just been hospitalized when the wind, to visit his people flocked, as if the entire planning Bureau of people to the people's hospital to work, almost to the ward gave crowded. And so know Fan Yimin destined to hemiplegia, the ward's flow suddenly reduced by half, and so the county party committee decided to come out, Fan Yimin's ward is invincible, all day without a personal shadow. This huge psychological gap, far from the average person can afford. Even Fan Yimin students up to the concept, but also after a long time to resolve this knot.

Replica Designer Belts came to the office, see Versace Beltn has not come, had shook his head gently, picked up the tools began to clean. Lin and other places to clean the office again, to the tea room to mention two bottles of boiling water back to the office, has reached 7.55 points, this time Versace Beltn only Shi Shi came. He entered the door, see Replica Designer Belts is holding a thermos bottle to three cups of tea, it quickly patted his head and said: Oh, sorry, I am late today, this live so you rush to finish … …

In the Planning Bureau, Planning Technology Division is a small section, only three people, in addition to chief Belt Haiyang, the following Replica Designer Belts and Versace Beltn two soldier. In fact, this task is basically a person from the Lin Yuan contract, because Versace Beltn often will be delayed to work, will catch up with the task of cleaning the water from Replica Designer Belts and Versace Beltn for a day in turn responsible for the rotation, To the office - like today.

Replica Versace Belt faint smile, did not respond to Versace Beltn - every time Versace Beltn late, are so a word, the forest far from the ears are about to hear the cocoon came.
At this time the corridor came a familiar cough, chief Belt Haiyang also arrived. Versace Beltn no longer Replica Designer Belts, turned to meet out, Belt Ocean also came to the door.
Section chief, early! Versace Beltn graciously called out, hand over Belt Haiyang's briefcase, walked quickly to the window goes on the big desk went.
Replica Designer Belts has tea soak, just back to his desk, see Belt ocean came, followed by a cry: Belt Kechang.

Kobayashi, early ah. Belt Hongtao nodded his head, walked to go inside.
Versace Beltn came to Belt Hai's desk, carefully put the briefcase, put on the table Replica Gucci Belts just soaked cup of tea, look inside, furiously called up: distant, how do you engage in Do you know that our chief is like drinking tea?
Replica Designer Belts some surprise, he just put a lot of tea ah, how will it light?

Versace Beltn did not wait for Lin Yuan side side of the reaction, the twisted face on Belt ocean said: Section chief, you wait a little ah. I put this cup of tea down, give you a cup of wine ..
Do not be so troublesome. Belt ocean that Versace Beltn some fuss.
No trouble, no trouble, soon! Versace Beltn without any explanation to the cup of tea to the drained, and from the cupboard to take out the tea, re-soak a cup of tea, the end of the ocean on the table, with his face To please: Chief section, do you see the amount of this tea is appropriate?

Although Versace Belt to discuss the way some of the poor Belt, but Belt Ocean is not offensive, which at least shows that in the minds of Versace Beltn, is around his leadership in the transfer, so Belt decided to give Belt Belt some encouragement. He took a cup of light and blew it, and sipped a small mouth and nodded and said, Well, yes, it 's right.

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